Thursday, 20 March 2014

You can't polish a turd...

Another few coats of primer on the mudguard, while I was waiting for it to dry I got a little bored so had a go at the bar end weights.

The paint had worn off where my gloved rubbed...

A shed load of autosol, and two dremel polishing wheels later...

Probably looks better in the picture than real life... think I'll just buy a nice set of new ones from ebay.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Can can...

I decided to replace the rivets on the other end of the can, give everything a good polish and then plonk it back on the bike... (really do need to get that wheel powder coated).

Rubbed down the new (to me) mudguard and gave it an experimental coat of primer...

Things still to do..

  1. Finish the mud guard and find some shiney bolts.
  2. Oil Service including a new filter.  Probably do an engine flush with some cheap oil as the current stuff has been in so long (in time if not in miles).
  3. Tarting it up... new grips, new bar end weights, powder coating the wheels, if budget allows a nice Renthal rear sprocket and some shiney nuts.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

End can...

My lovely carbon Remus was blowing from the joint between the carbon sleeve and the flange cap, leaving carbon deposits on the swing arm, not very attractive, also one of the rivets was loose and was annoyingly rattley...

So out with the drill and the rivets removed..

Took some major effort and lots od drilling to get the end cap out, ended up bolting it loosely to the flange on the bike to get a good pull on it.

This silicon states it's good for 200c, I use it as a gasket on my RD250 racebike cylinder heads, so it should be up to the job.

 Band and new rivets polished to remove the over spill from the silicon

All very shiney

The other end of the can, with the old rivets, not very shiney, I should probably drill them out and put the new type in!

Monday, 17 March 2014

t'old Blade...

1998 CBR900RRW Fireblade...

Returned home after it's long exile, looks ok, but there's 16 years of accumulated road crap stuck in all the nooks and crannies

After a good wash it was put up on stands and all the body work removed to give the normally hidden bits a good scrub.

Stubborn mudguard bolts didn't want to shift and had to be cut off, resulting in some damage to the mudguard.

Caliper pistons pushed out using a footpump!

Then polished up with the dremel, first time I'd noticed that there's two different sizes of piston.

I started to polish up the OE bolts, got bored and bought some new stainless ones from Ebay.

Some of the new allen bolts.

Even the triple clamp bolts were replaced.

Coming back together...

New stainless screen bolts

The bodywork back on, still the pillion pegs and the can to sort.

Must do something about that mudguard.

Full spec:

Remus Carbon end can, K&N and Dynojet kit, 119 true RWBHP
WP three way adjustable rear shock
K-Tech rebuilt front forks with CBR600RR springs
17 inch VFR front wheel, disk mounts machined to fit
PFM Cast Iron Superbike discs with Hel hosed and R1 Radial MC
Grab Rail, hugger, dark tint screen